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Elite Trainer Master Class

About the Course

No matter what field you are in, education is always the key. And educators often must have patience, love, and altruistic thinking different from ordinary people in order to infect more willing people to become capable people. If you love the beauty industry + love inheritance, and do not hesitate to educate others about what you have learned in your life, without selfishness, you must not miss our limited-edition Elite Trainer Master Class.
We aim to integrate more educators and help students who are willing but have zero foundation in this field to become professionals. What we look forward to is not a beautician, but a professional aesthetician, so that students can start to improve their professionalism and provide customers with beauty solutions.
In this teaching assistant training class, we provide comprehensive training, which is bound to allow you to reach the professional educator standard in this short 18 days and to be promoted to the journey of a qualified instructor.
Get out of the comfort zone and encourage and support more people to realize value.

Course Content:

  • Importance of tutor mindset
  • Identifying and shaping basic tutoring skills
  • 4S self-discipline, self-management, self-motivation, and self-development
  • Communication and training delivery skills
  • Theory and practical presentation skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Dedicated mentoring skills
  • Training evaluation and assessment for students
  • Identifying students’ strength and effective motivation and cultivation
  • Presentation creation
  • Personal upskilling to increase personal value

Course duration: 1 year 14 days (3 days+once a month) unlimited refreshing learning 
Certificate: Malaysia VTO, Trainer Diploma, Sylvie Hennessey Academy, USA
**terms & conditions apply.


Why Choose Us?

  • One to one teaching
  • No hidden fees
  • Certified by Malaysia JPK (VTO)- Assessment Required
  • Diploma from Pevonia & Sylvie Hennessey Academy, USA (Assessment required)
  • We promote quality NOT quantity
  • Become an international qualified tutor
  • Practical courses make you reborn
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