Our Story
With the rapid growth of development and economy, social, employment, career, technology and many more… more people are experiencing increase in stress, pressure, unhappiness which makes one disconnect from nature. Bumi is born as your well-being partner to bring back the happiness in you and to provide the most natural ingredients source from the earth to restore the goodness in your life. Bumi is a word derived from, a Malaysia language which means Earth. 
We care about the Earth and our carbon footprint therefore we put a lot of effort sourcing sustainable natural ingredients, recyclable packaging and green manufacturing processes that align with our stance on environmental conservation. We are passionate on preservation of flora and fauna as well therefore sourcing for natural ingredients from sustainable sources which is non harmful too the ecosystem and we do not test on animals.
While using the products you will experience wonderful happiness as the natural scent, texture, ingredients, and manufacturing steps of the products are carefully selected with the intention to increase one’s happiness and energy level and not depriving the professional results you deserve which are clinically proven. We hope to bring a good energy experience to you.
BUMI believe that beautifulness and happiness start from inner wellbeing therefore we encourage the change from ourself to share this with more people. With dedicated range of products that are safe and effective for different age group, skin concerns, vegan concern, pregnancy concern there are products which addresses your concerns. 
Our research and development does not only stop on the product itself. We do R&D on environmental, bio resonance, energy balancing, reiki, geometry science and try to incorporate into the methods of happiness,  healing and education where we encourage more people thru human empowerment to spread the happiness and love to more people thru education.

Your well-being partner.

To be a Leading wellness brand globally.

To Promoting wellbeing and healthiness to our life,
To empower more people thru wellbeing education
To encourage change that starts from you